Somerset Point

This tiny unincorporated community in Florence, South Carolina feels more like an enchanted forest than a functioning small town. It’s no wonder why: Somerset Point is home to some of the most bizarre and interesting local legends. There are many stories that surround this area including the White Lady ghost, a witch that haunts the woods and the mysterious “Point’s Curse”. Are these stories real? Or have they been exaggerated over time? To find out more about this little town, follow along as we explore its secrets…

Where is Somerset Point?

Somerset Point is a small community located in the heart of the Lowcountry, which lies on the banks of the Edisto River. This river is a small inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, and it has been the site of many different cultures. In the early 1900s, the town was a bustling resort and fishing hub due to its beautiful location. However, as the coastal towns grew and tourists found newer destinations, Somerset Point fell into obscurity. It is currently unincorporated, and there are very few signs of life here. While it is possible to visit Somerset Point, one should be cautious. The story of this town holds many secrets, and it may be best to leave them unopened. The “Point’s Curse” The legends of the Point have a mysterious “curse” surrounding them. It is said that the Point is cursed, and anyone that owns property here will lose it. This curse seems to follow a few families that have lived in the area. The “Curse’s Curse” has not been proven by any outside source, but it is a popular story. Somerset Ghost Story There are many ghost stories surrounding Somerset Point. Perhaps the most famous is “The Ghost of the Point”. This ghost supposedly haunts the woods by the Point and is known for haunting visitors and locals alike. There have been many reports of this ghost, but none of them have been proven. The story was most recently re-told in the film “A Walk Through the Woods” starring Zach Braff. Like many ghost stories, this one is open to interpretation. White Lady of the Woods During the early 1900s, there was a wealthy family that owned a hotel and resort in Somerset Point. They had several children, all of whom grew up to have prosperous lives. However, there were two children who were said to have died at a young age. As the family grew up and moved out, the home was passed down from one person to the next. Eventually, the Point became the property of a single family member. He would eventually sell the home in the late 60s and return to live in another state. However, this family member did not sell the land free and clear. Instead, he got into a dispute with the bank, and the sale fell through. The bank sued the man, and they eventually settled out of court. However, the bank never got the land back, and it was left in the hands of the family member. The man did not care that they could never get the land back, and he moved on. But the Point had a curse, and the family member would soon lose his fortune. More

The “Point’s Curse”

The Point’s Curse is a popular folklore legend that is said to forever haunt anyone who owns property on the Point. Many locals have heard about this curse, but few have seen it firsthand. While Somerset Point is a small area, the “Point’s Curse” is said to be spread out over the entire state. Owners of property in South Carolina are said to be cursed. If a family member buys property on the Point, they will lose their fortune. It is also said that anyone who buys land on the Point will die a violent death. However, this is just a legend and has not been proven by any outside sources. While it is a popular story, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Somerset Ghost Story

One of the most interesting and local legends surrounding Somerset is the “Somerset Ghost Story”. This legend claims that a young woman named Mary was killed by a jealous lover in the woods near the Point. Mary was just a young girl at the time, and she was out with a friend when she was killed. The friend ran home, and Mary’s father stayed behind to search for her. Her body was eventually found in the woods, and there was evidence of a struggle. The forest was searched, but no one was ever charged with the crime. Mary’s father was distraught, and he erected a wooden statue of his daughter in the woods. He would often visit the statue, and he began to tell people that his daughter was still alive. He told people that she was watching over them from the woods and protecting them from harm.

White Lady of the Woods

Another popular Somerset legend is the “White Lady of the Woods”. This legend claims that a white woman was murdered near the woods and she haunts the area to this day. The most common version of this story states that Mary’s father was told that a woman was killed near the woods. He went to search for her, but he never returned. Her body was eventually found in the woods, and there was evidence of a struggle. Her body was never identified, and no one was ever charged with the crime.


If you are ever in the area, it is best to just drive by the Point and leave it as a forgotten piece of history. However, if you are brave enough to explore its secrets, you might be surprised by what you find. Somerset Point is full of secrets, and it would be best to stay away from the woods alone. Next Article

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