Seaside Farms Estates

Seaside Farms Estates is a hidden paradise that no one seems to know about. It's one of the newer master-planned gated communities in South Carolina, and it's quickly become a top choice for people looking to downsize and enjoy the country life. If you're also looking for a place that offers low crime rates, wide-open spaces, and beautiful natural scenery, this might just be your answer. Seaside Farms Estates is located only 26 miles north of Charleston, SC in Horry County. It's bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on three sides and the Great Pee Dee River on the fourth. The community is made up of 30 acres of protected wildlife areas including two nature preserves as well as dog park, picnic pavilion, playgrounds and more. With all these great aspects included, why aren’t more people aware of this hidden gem? There are many wonderful reasons to consider calling Seaside Farms home if you're interested in downsizing from your big city life or searching for an affordable second home regionally. Here are five good reasons why you should consider moving to Seaside Farms: Browse Site

Seaside Farms Estates Has Low Crime Rates

Crime rates are one of the biggest concerns for potential homeowners. Seaside Farms Estates is a peaceful place that's free from the dangers of urban living like gang activity, drug use and violence. In fact, Horry County has the second lowest crime rate in the state. If you're looking for a safe community where your loved ones can feel comfortable, Seaside Farms is a great option. The county also has the second lowest foreclosure rate in the state and boasts a low unemployment rate of 4.5%. If you're looking to downsize to a smaller home in a low-crime area where the jobs are plentiful, Seaside Farms is an option that you may want to consider.

Seaside Farms Estates Has Wide Open Spaces

One of the best aspects of Seaside Farms is the size of its open spaces. There are over 60 acres of protected wilderness areas on the community’s 50-acre tract. This means that you’ll be surrounded by wildlife and have a place to walk your dog safely. You’ll also be close to a nature preserve to enjoy a walk in the woods. There’s also a large community park that’s perfect for picnics, playing sports, and hosting community events. The park has two softball fields and a playground for kids. You’re also close to an equestrian center to enjoy trails and trails for horseback riding.

Seaside Farms Estates Provides Residents With Affordable Housing

Housing isn’t cheap in Seaside Farms. The median sale price of a home is $237,500. This is a bit lower than the state’s median home sale price of $245,000. This is because the community has a more desirable location. It’s located close to the Charleston area, but far enough away to provide plenty of privacy and space. Low housing prices combined with low crime rates make Seaside Farms an affordable choice to live in. Even if you make $100,000 a year, you can still afford to live in a nice home. If you’re a parent looking for an affordable place for your children to grow up, Seaside Farms is a great option. Discover More

Bottom Line

Seaside Farms Estates has a lot to offer potential homeowners. It’s located in a low-crime area with plenty of nature, affordable housing and low crime rates. What’s not to love about this community? You can find out more about this charming place by visiting "The Magic of Seaside Farms" website. While you’re there, sign up to get the latest updates about the community.

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