Residents of Sandhurst enjoy a wide range of amenities in a community that combines traditional and modern architecture. The town of Sandhurst is near Lake Murray and the nearby Harbison area, where residents enjoy a wide variety of dining and shopping options. Nearby parks and recreation facilities also attract residents. The town is located close to Interstate 26 and has schools in the Lexington-Richland Five school system. Browse around

The town is located in the state of South Carolina, and has a total area of 30 miles. The surrounding area has hundreds of small towns and cities. If you're traveling from out of town, there are many options within a one-hour radius. There are many major airports in the area, and you can find flights from these to the area.

Home prices in the area range from mid-$200s to upper $300k. The median home size in Sandhurst is 2,500 square feet. The majority of homes have three or four bedrooms and are located on larger lots. However, if you're searching for a larger house, you may want to consider a house in James Creek or Highland Trails, which are both close by. These homes tend to be larger and more expensive.

Homes in the neighborhood have a historic feel, with many homes being built around the marshes of the historic Ashley River. Homes in this neighborhood tend to be one level, though there are some two-story homes as well. There are also many houses on Lake Sandhurst. You'll find that the neighborhood is quiet, well-kept, and pet-friendly. More Here

Since Sandhurst is a well-established neighborhood, residents tend not to move out. The community was developed in the 1960s, and many of the original home owners still live in the area. While there have been a few homes listed for sale in recent years, most of them are still occupied. The median turnover time of properties in Sandhurst is 10.2 years.

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