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How many of you have asked your conventional doctor about vitamins, supplements, and nutrition and all you hear back is…” you get everything you need from your daily diet”...but no further discussion about the matter. Been there? What a disservice! Maybe good intentions but so far off base.

Yes, while it's true your diet SHOULD provide the necessary nutrition, the hard facts are most of us do not eat the right foods and frankly don’t know what foods to eat…and we feel miserable. You owe it to yourself to part from conventional medicine to a more functional approach for the help and healing you need.

Root Vegetables - Carrots and beets

What is functional medicine?

Most conventional doctors treat symptoms with medication, but natural health practitioners like myself use a functional approach like nutrition to target the source of the ailment in terms of treatment methods. Functional health coaching begins with nutrition…period. I teach you HOW you should eat and WHY it matters. The right foods can and will heal your body.

Replacing food choices

The American diet is saturated with processed foods, toxins, chemicals, and other nutrient-poor selections that actually deplete our bodies of what it needs. Replacing unhealthy foods with great healthy options is key. And believe it or not, many changes are very easy to do and enjoyed. Examples include tossing your canola oil and replacing it with extra virgin olive oil, choosing whole grains over white flour, and eating whole foods instead of prepackaged processed foods.

Nutrition is one of our 3 key pillars in the EcoHealth diet

Nutrition along with gut health and detoxification can stop a vicious cycle that is likely happening inside your body causing you to feel lousy day after day. The goal is to eliminate toxins and eat clean foods while ensuring we consume healthy protein, carbohydrates, and fats each day. The right nutrition will promote healthy digestion, eliminate toxins, feed good bacteria, and heal your body once and for all.

Let me help you

We’ve let our bodies down by eating the wrong foods and it’s time to give our bodies what they need for healing. What you’ll learn will be eye-opening and life-changing. Learning how the body is naturally designed to heal itself and how we are in control will get you excited. Together we’ll tackle your gut issues, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, allergies, female hormones, blood sugar disorders, autoimmune diseases, and more. Call me today at 843-884-4466!

Tiffany Jackson, ND - Naturopathic Practitioner


Grab my famous smoothie chart for gut health.

I totally get if you're asking yourself, "what's so special about a smoothie chart?" But, this thing is LIFE. CHANGING. No joke. Download it free and see what all the fuss is about.

Smothie chart
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P. (843) 920-4668
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