There are tons of fad diets for weight loss on the internet… some sources say low-carb is the best, while others say Weight Watchers is the best. These diets often involve caloric restriction, which can lead to a drop blood sugar causing intense craving for unhealthy foods and overindulgence. The information for weight loss on the internet can be contradicting and confusing. Let’s simplify!

The key to losing weight is to develop healthy eating habits along with making dietary changes. Here are some of the best ways to incorporate healthy eating habits and change your mindset toward food:

Re-evaluate Your Condiments

You may make a salad full of greens and vegetables but if you add a dressing  full of fat, it can significantly increase the calorie count of your salad. Begin to read the caloric count and grams of fat in the dressings you put on your salad. It is important to also pay attention to the serving size indicated on the nutrition label. Think carefully about the condiments you buy and make sure to use the proper portion.

Consume Lean Meats

The meat isle is full of variations of the same meat… boneless, skin, no skin, etc. Take your time at the grocery store to find the meats with less fat. Remember that if you buy processed meat such as chicken nuggets or frozen burgers, there are far more additives.

Consume Fruits and Vegetables

Many weight loss fad diets do not include enough fruits and vegetables. Any diet severely lacking fruits and veggies can result in many nutritional deficiencies. To decrease calories while providing plenty of nutrients, start adding vegetables to every meal or snack. Consume one fruit a day to limit the sugar until you see results.

Nourish Your Body

The diet mindset can be a dangerous one. Focus on nourishing your body, not restricting. Concentrate more on the nutrients you are getting, instead of counting carbs and calories. It is crucial that each meal has a good balance of carbs, protein, and fat. This will leave you feeling more full and get rid of those cravings.

Action Plan:

  1. Throw out your high-fat condiments and replace them with oil based dressings.
  2. Incorporate more veggies, skinless chicken and turkey, and fish into your diet.
  3. Consume balanced meals – Your plate is 25% carbs, 25% lean protein, 50% vegetables.