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The 6-Step Gut Health Formula is an online course that teaches you how to end stomach pain, unpredictable bathroom habits, bloating, gas, and IBS—naturally.

Life's too short to feel like crap...literally!


An off-balance gut can look like:
excessive gas
crazy bloat (you know, like you're pregnant but you're not)
out-of-the-blue nausea
scrambling to find a toilet at a moment's notice.

But, it gets worse . . .

When your digestive system is not working right, it can also make you:
feel constantly fatigued,
like your brain quit working (life is hard enough without brain fog!),
ride the roller coaster of weight gain and loss,
experience more anxiety (well, that explains it).


You deserve a solution that doesn't leave your gut in control of your life.


Show your gut who's boss.

(The truth is, with the right love and attention, your gut will turn into your BFF.)


Stop the doctor runaround.

Because, the truth is—they aren't helping you anyway.

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Stop sleeping off your meals.

Hiking a Mt. Everest summit shouldn't even make you this tired.

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Stop worrying about going out to eat.

You deserve to enjoy your life to the fullest, not fear every adventurous bite.

No joke, this course will change your life.

Hey there!


I'm a naturopathic doctor with more than a decade of experience helping thousands of patients overcome stomach stuff—pain, bloating, belching, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, fatigue, excessive gas, brain fog, heartburn, headaches, IBS, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis (now that's a fun list)—I believe more people deserve to live a normal life without feeling like they are prisoners to their digestive systems.

It's why I created this course for you.

So, if you feel brushed off by your doctor who says, “all of your labs are normal” or “try this prescription—no, no, no, try this one instead,” then stop what you're doing and enroll now.

Tiffany Jackson, ND - Naturopathic Practitioner


Here's what you get.

The 6-Step Gut Formula is comprised of years of my expertise poured into one easy-to-follow course, complete with videos, pdf downloads, charts, and checklists to help you connect the dots and get on the fastest path to healing your IBS, leaky gut, indigestion, and so much more.

This is exactly what I do with my patients (it's my secret sauce).

Identify the root cause of your problem.

Think about this step like putting the border pieces of the puzzle together. You'll discover how you got here, why you have these symptoms, and how to fix them. Because, my philosophy is: You can't fix what you don't understand.

Identify the root cause of your problem.

Think about this step like putting the border pieces of the puzzle together. You'll discover how you got here, why you have these symptoms, and how to fix them. Because, my philosophy is: You can't fix what you don't understand.

Fully assess your gut's current health.

In this module, you'll uncover if you are deficient in key vitamins and minerals crucial to getting your gut back to normal. Plus, you'll learn the ins and outs of how stress affects IBS symptoms.

Detect any other curve balls to your health.

In this module, we'll uncover the number one lab marker that doctors aren't testing for and why you need to have it evaluated immediately. Plus, you'll learn about other important lab markers that could be directly impacting your IBS and how to fix them. (You may not believe me now, but this is where things get really personalized and really fun!)

Nourish your body with the RIGHT foods that heal.

You'll learn the exact 20 foods that will heal your gut and the RED ZONE FOODS to avoid at all costs (they're the ones that make you feel like crap.)

We'll also talk about natural sweeteners so you can stop fueling inflammation and feeding unhealthy bacteria in your gut. You'll gain access to charts, recipes, and cooking videos that teach you how to get more nutrients in your food.

Repair your hurting gut, once and for all.

You're going to love all the truth packed into my Magic Formula video of top nutrients that are critical to heal your gut lining. Then, you'll download The Ultimate Supplement List Guide of vitamins, minerals, powders, and probiotics that will keep you feeling well.

But, you won't be left asking, "wait, what do I take when?" You'll walk away knowing how to tailor supplements to your particular needs and receive 10% off recommended professional-grade products.

We saved the best for last, now you're are ready to detox.

In case you didn't already know, you do NOT want to start a detox first. Trust me. You'll make yourself sick!

In this step you'll learn why. Then, we'll dive into when and how to do a detox safely. You can thank me later. 🙂

In other words, this course breaks down for you, step-by-step, precisely what we'd cover together in my office.

Get the same information as if we were working together one-on-one.

Tiffany Jackson Smiling

Let's recap.


Have the freedom to do what you want and not plan your day around your digestive issues.
Go from feeling exhausted and hopeless to feeling energized and confident.
Be able to participate in life again and not worry about where the closest bathroom is.

You've got this.

Still not sure it's for you?


It is for anyone who is sick and tired of experiencing one or more of these symptoms or thoughts:

  • stomach pain
  • consistent bloating
  • nausea
  • gas (all the ever-loving gas!)
  • irregular bowel movements (what will it be today? constipated? loose? explosive?)
  • you know foods are making you worse, but you don't know which ones (and, frankly, want to give up)
  • you think you have or have been diagnosed with candida, SIBO, or dysbiosis
  • you feel like your gut is inflamed, but doctors tell you everything is normal (ugh!)

It is also for anyone with problems that don’t seem related to gut heath, such as:

  • depression, anxiety, mood fluctuations
  • achy joints, arthritis
  • eczema, acne, psoriasis, other skin problems
  • asthma, environmental allergies, bronchial problems
  • brain fog, migraine headaches
  • sensitivity to odors and fragrances
  • adrenal dysfunction, night sweats, hormonal imbalances
  • compromised immune system, frequent infections
  • autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

This course teaches you how to reverse and heal your gut in a step-by-step, 100% doable process!

Most people begin to see improvements in their symptoms within a few weeks. It usually takes between 3-6 months to heal the gut, which is miraculous considering you are rebuilding your intestinal lining, resetting your digestion, overcoming chronic health conditions that developed over years, and changing your life. Severe gut conditions like Crohn’s and UC may take longer.

Please note: This course cannot change stressful jobs, toxic relationships, dysfunctional family members or home life. Healing is personal and depends highly on the stress levels in your life.

This course is not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding due to its detoxifying effects.

Enroll now!

You won't regret it. But, listen, if you're in the program for a day or two and decide it's not for you—let me know. You'll get your money back!

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10+ videos and webinars
Templates & worksheets
Discounts on supplements

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10+ videos and webinars
Templates & worksheets
Discounts on supplements

If you're settling for a life of constant fatigue, brain fog, stomach aches, and crazy bowels—

Wave bye-eeee to that nonsense!

Let's get your gut working for you, never against you.

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