No more band-aid solutions:

Functional medicine dives deeper into the cause of your illness

Discover functional medicine with an Online Consultation

Unlike traditional medicine, which often focuses on symptom management, functional medicine takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. We search for how and why your illness is occurring and the best plan of action to get your health restored. If you're looking for an alternative to conventional medical treatments, our naturopathic practitioner at EcoHealth Wellness Center can help.

Tools used in functional medicine

The first and perhaps the most important tool we use is listening. Unlike conventional doctor visits where you’re in and out in fifteen minutes, we take the time to listen and hear your story. Another primary tool is a comprehensive health history questionnaire. This tool helps us understand our patient's medical history, lifestyle factors, and environmental exposures that could be contributing to current health issues. The questionnaire also highlights any genetic predispositions that may make you more susceptible to certain diseases or conditions. We also order complete lab testing to uncover hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, cholesterol, sugar levels, gut infections, food sensitivities, toxins, and more.

Roots of a tree

Holistic health

Our evaluations are complete and because we take a holistic approach, we incorporate natural medicine and lifestyle changes to achieve your goal. While we may use nutritional supplements or herbal supplements, you do not get a prescription drug when you visit EcoHealth Wellness Center. I guess you could say our superpower is solving medical mysteries where conventional medicine has let clients down and left them hopeless. We are your cheerleaders and are here to get your joy back.

Functional medicine for your whole family

We have entire families under our care and on their way to optimum health! Today’s lifestyle and diet have wrecked our immune systems, gut health, liver function, and overall energy. Chemicals and toxins are encountered and taken into your body every day with makeup, soaps, pesticides, cleaners, sunscreens, and car fumes. Your body is designed to filter out these toxins but when it is paralyzed because of poor gut health your body can’t do its job and you feel tired and drained. Clients are tired of conventional medicine where prescriptions are pushed as solutions. No matter your age or gender, we are here to help!

Ready for a natural health approach?

Tiffany Jackson provides services remotely! We have many clients that reach us through zoom meetings, webinars, and self-training. Call us today at 843-884-4466! We would love to help you feel better.


Grab my famous smoothie chart for gut health.

I totally get if you're asking yourself, "what's so special about a smoothie chart?" But, this thing is LIFE. CHANGING. No joke. Download it free and see what all the fuss is about.

Smothie chart
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P. (843) 920-4668
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