Clarks Point

Clarks Point is a small coastal town located in northwest South Carolina. It’s known for its beautiful ocean coastline, historic lighthouse and landmark bridge, and quaint downtown. There are so many things that you can do in Clarks Point, but if you’re new to the area or not familiar with all the nooks and crannies then it can feel like a bit of a challenge to plan your trip! Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and found the best places to visit when you visit Clarks Point, SC. Read on for our insider tips on where to go eating, drinking, shopping and more! read more

Where to Eat in Clarks Point, SC

If you’re visiting Clarks Point, SC then you’ll no doubt be craving a fresh seafood meal. In order to find the best seafood restaurants in the area we spoke to our resident chef, Taylor Gartland. He recommended checking out the Oyster House, The Red Fish or The Blue Fish as they are all locally renowned seafood restaurants. You can also try out the fresh oysters that are grown right on the shores of Clarks Point, SC. For a more casual seafood meal, you can check out Mollie’s on the Shore for a delicious lunch or dinner. Mollie’s serves up fresh seafood and amazing coastal dishes like the Crab Cake Reuben. Mollie’s is a great place to try local seafood dishes and is located on the waterfront. If you’re looking for a more sit-down-dinner option, we’d recommend checking out The Captain’s Table. The Captain’s Table is a beautiful waterfront restaurant with amazing views and a cruise ship for ambiance.

Where to Drink in Clarks Point, SC

If you’re visiting Clarks Point, SC then you might be interested to know that the town is a popular hangout for outdoor enthusiasts. There are tons of outdoor activities to try in the area, including hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, paddleboarding and much more! If you’re in the area during the summer months then you’ll be able to enjoy a swim in the ocean and go for a paddle at the same time! The beaches in the area are some of the most beautiful beaches in the state and perfect for swimming, sunbathing, or just relaxing and exploring the beautiful coastline. If you’re looking for a quiet place to drink, you can check out The Portside Inn for a relaxing evening out. The Portside Inn has a nice outdoor area and an awesome cocktail menu. If you’re looking for more of a party atmosphere, then try out The Howard Dock for some loud music and a good time! More here

Where to Shop in Clarks Point, SC

If you’re visiting Clarks Point, SC then you’re in for a treat as the downtown area is filled with cool vintage shops and local boutiques. We recommend checking out The Dock Dock for unique jewelry, art, apparel, and home decor shops. If you’re in the market for some new shoes, then we recommend you check out the Clarks Point, SC brand Randall Shoe Co. You can also treat yourself to a delicious homemade treat at The Sweet Spot Bakery. The Sweet Spot Bakery is a local favorite and known for their fresh homemade desserts. You can also check out The Lobster Pot for some fun souvenirs and gifts featuring local seafood or art featuring the beautiful ocean.

Things to Do in Clarks Point, SC

If you’re visiting Clarks Point, SC then we recommend you explore the area. There are tons of cool things to do in the area, including visiting the historic lighthouse, the historic downtown area, taking a scenic drive on Route 17, and more! If you’re looking for a quick and easy activity, then we recommend checking out the Cape Fear Adventure Park. The Cape Fear Adventure Park is a great place for kids and families to explore the area and get some fun outdoor activities in. If you’re looking for something a bit more active and adventurous, check out one of the many sailing, kayaking, and fishing trips offered in the area. For those looking for something a bit more cultured and educational, be sure to check out the Southport Maritime Museum or the North Carolina Maritime Museum. You can also enjoy some shopping in town at the Visitors Center or enjoy a seafood meal at the oyster bar at Capt. Mike's Seafood Restaurant.


If you’re visiting Clarks Point, SC, then we recommend you check out this small coastal town. There are tons of things to do in the area, from exploring the scenic coastline to enjoying some delicious seafood meals and souvenirs at local businesses in the area. If you want to explore the area further, we recommend taking a scenic drive on Route 17, checking out the Cape Fear Adventure Park, or exploring the historic downtown area.

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