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You've come to the right place. When you've tried everything and you're grasping for a lifeline, you need something that will cut through the clutter, provide solid answers, and clear a proven path to finally regain your health and feel like your self again.

I'm Tiffany Jackson, a naturopathic practitioner who specializes in all things gut—reflux, IBS, Crohn's, UC, candida, leaky gut...you name it. And, of course, I help fix all of the other issues that come along with gut issues, like chronic fatigue, skin issues (i.e. acne and eczema), brain fog, and autoimmune diseases.

I've spent the last 10+ years healing the “un-healable” cases and have helped thousands of patients who felt stuck and frustrated with their doctors get back to living full and vibrant lives.

I’m like the Sherlock Holmes of gut health—I can’t stop, won’t stop until I get to the bottom of what’s causing my patients’ chronic gastrointestinal disorders and immune dysfunction.
You may be wondering…what made you so tenacious about health? Glad you asked…
My quest to understand health and why traditional doctors' advice often failed people started after both of my parents got sick with cancer.
One thing led to another and I attended Naturopathic Medical School. During my four years of training, I became obsessed with learning about herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, detoxification, adrenal function, and how to balance hormones naturally. I was fascinated to learn how vitamin and mineral deficiencies are linked to diseases and how the toxins we are exposed to in our modern day lives are making people sick.
After lots of learning from some of the best mentors and success helping patients get well, I went full throttle and opened EcoHealth Wellness Center in 2009.
Today, my mission is to help one million people find the answers to their health challenges so they can live healthier, more vibrant lives.
In order to do that, I needed to educate more people. That’s why I created my online school so anyone with internet access can learn the why's and how's of their health and how to implement my life-changing protocols. My superpower, after all, is to make getting healthy easy. I am a visual learner and love pictures, charts, and graphs so that’s how I teach my patients, too.
Over the years, my mission to help people has also led to fun things like speaking engagements and health advice featured in Shape Magazine.
I love hanging out with my awesome, supportive husband and two beautiful daughters. I also have fun doing yoga, cooking, and am obsessed with making smoothies in my Vitamix.
In case you’re wondering, here’s a little more about my educational background:
-Bachelor’s degree with an independent concentration in naturopathic medicine from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.-Doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.-Two years of training under Dr. Allan Lieberman at the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Charleston, South Carolina, where I learned how specific foods and environmental toxins affect our bodies.-Three years as a clinical consultant under Dr. William Shaw at Great Plains Laboratory in Kansas City, Kansas, where I learned how to interpret comprehensive lab testing results and gained an extensive understanding of candida, how it impairs the immune system, and how to heal a body that’s been damaged by it.
You made it all the way down here, yay! If you’d like more details, take a look at my CV including all my clinical experience and mentors.
Here’s what’s most important: I am obsessed with helping people live their fullest, healthiest lives. You can feel better, and you'll never have to get on the medical merry-go-round again.
To your health,Tiffany

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Hear what my patients have to say...


It’s not about a crash diet or taking the perfect supplement—it’s about learning the right things to do in the right order to allow your body to heal.

What Is EcoHealth?

EcoHealth is a term I coined in 2010 that refers to your body being an ecosystem of microbes affected by our environment. With the right understanding of (1) how your gut microbiome works and (2) how toxins in food, water, and the air impact your hormones and liver health, you'll have the information you need to finally feel better.

EcoHealth operates on the belief in three critical pillars:


In a nutshell, food in America sucks. So, so, so many Americans (most of us, in fact) are consuming a nutritionally deficient diet. Why? Let's dive in a little:

The world’s food demand has dramatically increased over the past fifty years resulting in the over-farming of land and the depletion of nutrients in our soil.

On top of that, many fruits and vegetables are genetically engineered to yield larger crops, mature faster, travel well, and grow in harsh conditions. This sounds good in theory, but by chemically altering natural food, it not only loses many of its key ingredients but also becomes foreign to our bodies.

When grains (like rice and flour) are bleached and dairy is pasteurization, for example, the processes strip our food of essential vitamins and minerals and turns them into empty calories. *Face palm*

So, what do we do? Well, we have to get those nutrients somehow, so the right vitamin and mineral supplements become a must. I'll teach you how to get the right forms at the right therapeutic dosages to make actual, sustainable difference in your life—way more than cheap big box store brand options will!


I've identified the basic building blocks of a nutritional program that provides the vital nutrients most bodies are lacking—things like amino acids, zinc, magnesium, essential fatty acids, and more. By detecting deficiencies and then working to correct them, gut issues resolve, energy returns, and the body is able to function like it should.

Honestly, you'll be amazed by how transformative getting the right stuff in your body is. It's life changing for EVERY patient who follows my plan.


If you have gut problems, you usually know it! Chronic stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, and/or nausea control your days. Sometimes, though, gut problems don't feel gutty at all. Instead, they may feel like low energy, headaches, acne, or about a billion other things. Here's the crazy thing, though; symptoms can become so much a part of daily life, that you stop thinking about them.

Pop a tums every night after dinner?
Feel nauseous every morning?
Run to the bathroom after eating certain foods?

Your lifestyle may have adjusted to these gut frustrations, but they are anything but "normal." In fact, nasty issues like leaky gut, inflammation, ulcers, or poor digestion flat out make life miserable.


It's crucial to address the things that wreak havoc on the gut like—

  • low digestive enzymes
  • poor gallbladder function
  • candida
  • inflammation>
  • SIBO (Small intestinal bacteria overgrowth)
  • other parasites and bugs

That's why,I'll help you create a strategy of what to do in the correct order to get your gut into good working order so your whole body can function better. (Helllooooo normal poops! And, so much more.)


Chemicals are in everything, everywhere. Seriously. It's bonkers if you stop and think about it, which most people don't.

You drink them in tap water, which contains chemicals linked from contaminated soils and environmental pollutants and even chemicals deliberately added by our government, such as chlorine, fluoride, and pesticides. You absorb toxins and chemicals through your skin through makeup, sunscreens, soaps, sprayed plants, even golf courses that are sprayed with pesticides and the swimming pools you enjoy. And, you inhale toxins: solvents through car fumes, industrial waste, environmental pollution, and medications (i.e. birth control and steroids). On top of that, add in a moldy home and things go haywire!

The typical person has layers of "junk" in their system from years of toxic exposures, making their internal ecosystem similar to a murky, dirty fish tank.


We detox! Detox works to flush out all the build-up that's creating the symptoms. By supporting the liver and mobilizing toxins, we can get them out of the body and build a plan to limit your intake in the future.

The results are incredible! Which makes sense. Everything (and everyone) works much better with a thorough cleaning. Consider us the plumber for your clogged up body!

P. (843) 920-4668
P. (843) 920-4668
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