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Nora’s Weight Loss: 5 Month Check-In

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I started this diet in June.  In August, I reached my goal weight of 135 lbs.  Now it is November and I have kept the weight off (and without exercise-HA!) Not only do I feel good, I LOOK GOOD!  I went from a size 14 to a size 6!

Don’t I look great?  I had to purchase a whole new wardrobe and last weekend I started to purge all those size 10-14 clothes.  It felt great.  With a new wardrobe, people are really noticing the weight loss. That and I am actually purchasing clothes that cling to my body instead of hiding my body. What a new experience.

As for my menu, I have reintroduced very few carbs into my monthly diet because every time I have a carb I am disappointed at the lack of flavor and the 2 lb instant weight gain. (My husband thinks I am crazy, but when I step on a scale after eating a carb I am 2 lbs heavier.)  I have only had pasta a few times and I just don’t have the love for it as I did.  Crazy talk, right?

Now we are heading into the real test: Holiday Feasts.  I feel confident about going into the holidays because I just don’t look at food the same way.  I went to a Halloween party and it was an impressive spread of food, mostly consisting of carbs.  I picked the healthiest of the foods, which was not easy.  There were a lot of dips and what do you usually dip with?  Crackers, bread, chips.  But I enjoyed all of the dips (in small quantities) by using veggies as my dippers.  Cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes.

As for the cakes, pies, cookies, chocolates, fudge, and other holiday goodies, I feel good about this feat as well.  I have come up with the idea of only eating the things I can’t live without experiencing.  For example, Peninsula Grill has a coconut cake that is over $100.  You can purchase a slice for $10.  To me, since the opportunity came along for me to share a slice of this TO DIE FOR coconut cake, this was a worthy item for me to experience and enjoy.  A Little Debbie’s cake, in my humble opinion, is not really a worthy item.  (I am reminded of an episode of Seinfeld when Elaine judges her suitors on whether or not they are “spongeworthy.”)  So I guess I am looking at all foods I could put into my mouth and judge them to be “weight-gain worthy.”

I guess what I am trying to say is that really this whole diet was a mindset change on my relationship with food.  I was never hungry on this diet, nor did I feel like what I was eating was boring or tasteless.  I feel I know my body better and know what I can eat and what I cannot eat to stay within my goal weight.  And I know if I really need to, I can always incorporate EXERCISE.

I have succeeded in my goal.  I don’t think I would have had it not been for the help and knowledge of Tiffany Jackson, ND.  Thank you Tiffany.  My life is forever changed.

(Oh, and my husband has loss 20 lbs, too—and he seems to be keeping it off as well.)


Nora’s Weight Loss: Day 17–Real Food

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More than halfway through this diet and I don’t really feel like I am really on a diet.  I know you are saying “What? You can’t eat pasta AND potatoes AND corn AND rice.”  This is a doable diet, well, at least for me.  And aside from the no beer part, my husband agrees. (He has been loosing weight too, despite his occasional beer intake.)

I like this diet cause it is real food, not some premade, prepackaged liquid “shake” that tastes like the can it came in along with some weird aftertaste that if you don’t chug down while it is below 65 degrees it is impossible to stomach. You know what I am talking about, ladies. And it isn’t some frozen dinner that the cardboard container it comes in has more taste than its freezer burned contents.

Real Food

I am eating real food.  Food that has come from either an animal or a plant. Food that has nutrients…imagine that! No food coloring, no refined sugars and no “freshness retainer” aka preservatives.  I feel good knowing I am eating better than I have since I was a child.  (My mom was a health food fanatic.)


I also like how easy and quick it is to shop in the grocery.  I use to go down every aisle, but now I am a periphery shopper.  I never realized it before, but most grocery stores are laid out the same; the veggies, meat and dairy are all on the outside walls of the store. The only reason I need to venture into the the center is if I need spices, cat food or cleaning products.  I love how I save time just scooting around the edges.


I don’t think I have mentioned that I don’t cook.  So, another reason I like this diet is that it is easy to prepare.  You chop up some veggies, you slowly heat up the meat of your choice in a pan with a few seasonings and olive oil or bake in the oven for a bit and then put the meat on top of your salad and douse with apple cider vinegar and olive oil.  There is no muss or fuss.  And if you don’t want meat, there are plenty of other proteins to top your salad with: soy beans, nuts, hummus–just to name a few.  This diet was made for the non-cook.

Next entry I am going to share the recipe for the BBQ Pork and the vinegar based spicy sauce we made for Fourth of July.  YUM!!!!!  (I would share it now, but must ask the hubby–remember, I don’t cook.)

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Nora’s Weight Loss: Day 15-Trivia Night

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A couple of friends asked us to go to Trivia Night at a neighborhood pub. I have been trying to keep at home, where it is safe from most temptations. Last weekend, being forced into the real world, I grew confident that my husband and I could find healthy options at restaurants. But this was a wee bit different.  I was kind of worried about my will-power when seeing everyone drinking a beer and eating tater-tots.  Even my husband told me he would be one of the beer drinkers…he was only willing to go with me so far on this diet.  (Thanks hubby!)

Knowing I was in Ketosis made me feel better about going out. Having the knowledge that I, unlike everyone at the table, was burning fat made it much easier. Now, I did hedge my bets.  I ate my delicious 360 meal before we left to ward off hunger. That worked for the first two hours.  I became a bit peckish but did not give in–I drank water all night long and still had a wonderful time.  Next time, I just may take some nuts with me.

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Unfortunately, I had a family emergency this past week/weekend hence no updates.

When in stressful times, we find ourselves scarfing everything in sight. We find it easier as well as more comfortable to eat sugary treats and carbohydrates. We deem these belly enlarger foods “comfort” foods.

While in the waiting room at the hospital for days on end next to my family, I was surrounded by everyone and their comfort foods of choice–potato chips, french fries, chocolate, sodas, candy.  The first three days my husband and I stayed strong.  We ate our healthy breakfast before going to the hospital and at lunch we drove to restaurants that boasted salads.  In the evening, with a bit of a search, we found more restaurants that had healthy selections that fit within our recommended diet.  I felt proud of myself (and my husband) for not giving in to the temptation that was surrounding us for 10 hours at a time.

The fourth day, by far, was the hardest.  By the fourth day, I was exhausted and was ready to give in to my urges of wanting a grilled cheese sandwich. White bread soaked with butter and melted American cheese (oh so gooey and good).  The “stress” wanted to take over and I was seriously considering letting it.

I had to think about how dedicated I have been on this diet.  How I even did my warm up exercises on Friday morning even though I wasn’t able to go to the gym. I had to remember that I am in Ketosis, which means my body is a fat burning machine.  Did I really want to go backwards?  I had come so far.

What I needed was to trick myself into feeling like I wasn’t on a diet; that I didn’t have restrictions.  What better way than to go to a pub and order a hamburger? Now, yes, I did have a hamburger with everything on it except mayo (I don’t like mayonnaise) and a bun.  Instead, I had them wrap the burger in beautiful green leaf lettuce.  And instead of french fries, I had a steamed vegetable medley of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  It was all within my diet but I felt like I was being bad and had succumbed to my unhealthy urges.

Stress is a funny thing and it makes you do funny things.  What I learned is, YOU have to be in control and realize why you are craving what you are craving and come up with a solution that satisfies your good sense and bad cravings.  I feel so much better knowing how strong I am.  Whoo-hoo! I made it through a huge hurdle.  I don’t think anything can stop me now.

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Hey Ya’ll!

I am excited to join Tiffany’s weight loss program. I am 22 years old and lets just say that healthy food and working out were not exactly been a part of my daily routine the last four years I’ve been in school… It is really intimidating and somewhat impossible to do a successful weight-loss program on your own that is sustainable. I should know as I’ve tried many healthy and unhealthy ways to lose the weight. I feel really good about this program though and to make myself further accountable decided to join this blog. I am taking part in the Whole Foods meal plans. Starting out with the 3 meals/day, 7 days/week plan to start me out with no excuses. I just had my first meal, turkey roll ups. They were yummy but definitely a little lacking in in what I am used to, carbs and fats lol, in a good way. Tomorrow I will start going to Crossfit I think. I say think because I do belong to another gym already but I have heard really great things about Crossfit and they can probably jump start my workouts!

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