EcoHealth Wellness Center & Detox Spa Hosts Grand Opening Party 

New Holistic Health Center Celebrating Saturday, April 26 


Mount Pleasant, S.C. (April 9, 2014) – EcoHealth Wellness Center & Detox Spa, the Lowcountry’s new premier holistic wellness center, is celebrating their new location at  at 1051 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard, Suite B, in Mount Pleasant, with a Grand Opening Party on Saturday, April 26 from 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. The event is open to the public and guests can enjoy live music of Beyond The Rhythm, healthy food catered by Madeline Lytton, free giveaways and guided tours the new wellness facility. Wellness services offered include: personalized nutrition programs, Migun relaxation massages, Infrared Sauna Therapy, Aklaline Kangen Water, Eminence organic skin care, massage therapy, detox/body cleanse programs, detox foot baths and body wraps, thermography, chiropractic services, organic spray tanning and a teaching kitchen. 

The center is the brainchild of Tiffany Jackson, who holds a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. Jackson, a local mom and wife, saw the increasing need for a resource for individuals interested in discovering a healthier way to live. Already personalizing nutrition programs for digestive health, weight loss, cancer and autism support, she wanted to create a center that could use her Integrative Nutrition Programs with state-of-the-art wellness and detoxification services that meet the health needs of the whole person.

Along with these wellness and detoxification services offered, owner Tiffany Jackson, ND, will also host health monthly events including: monthly Beginner Group Detox Program seminar, “EcoHealth Experience… A Round of Wellness” A 2 hour event to experience all of our services, Whole Foods Market Grocery Store Tours and Kangen Water Demos. For details, visit

What: Grand Opening Party 

Where: EcoHealth Wellness Center & Detox Spa, 1051 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard, Suite  B, Mount Pleasant

When: Saturday, April 26, 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. 

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Saunas have been used for hundreds of years and for good reasons: detoxification, mental clarity, natural weight loss, prevention of illness, and more. For those who don’t like saunas- with its humidity, heat, the feeling of being too hot to handle more than a few minutes- the Infrared Sauna is perfect! It only heats 20% of the air and leaves 80% of it to heat your body, allowing the air to be cooler and more easy to breathe. It makes you sweat 6 times more than you usually do burning up to 600 calories in 30 minutes! Come in to EcoHealth Wellness Center & Detox Spa, LLC., to try it for yourself and experience the amazing benefits explained in this article from The Wellness Hour! “I have just started using far infrared sauna about a week ago…I’m sold! You can burn up to 600 calories in one hour and it’s a total detox! I interviewed America’s Integrative Pharmacist Dr. Lori about this topic and told her to send me a note about the benefits.  – Randy Alvarez / CEO The Wellness Hour Inc. Dr. Lori wrote: Saunas have been used in Europe, especially the Scandinavian region, for hundreds of years.  The Finns popularized sauna use by utilizing sauna for mental, spiritual , and physical cleansing.  In the United States, Native American Indians used “sweat lodges” for cleansing and purifying, recognizing the benefit of a sweat, as well.  Centuries of our ancestors have experienced the tremendous benefit

of sauna. Traditional sauna uses heat and humidity to warm the air, which in turn warms your body.  There are increasingly more controlled studies being completed utilizing “Far”-infrared sauna (FIS).  FIS uses light to create heat and only heats 20% of the air, leaving 80% of the heat available to heat the body.  This in turn warms the body more efficiently at lower temperatures with warm and dry heat, making FIS more accessible to people who cannot tolerate the excessive heat and humidity seen in traditional sauna.  By breathing cooler air, many users of FIS report a feeling of warmth and well-being as an after effect.   The appeal of saunas is that they cause reactions, such as vigorous sweating and increased heart rate, similar to those experienced during moderate exercise.  FIS may induce up to 2 to 3 times the volume of sweat produced in a traditional sauna while operating at significantly cooler temperatures.  In addition, infrared heat panels are so safe that they are even used in hospital nurseries to warm newborns. Many medical journals tout the benefits of sauna.

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Recently, gluten allergies and intolerance has come to the fore front of public knowledge. More and more people are attempting to cut out gluten from their diet and are finding that it had been a problem all along. Seneff is publishing what most main journals are not wanting to and this has caused her to become immersed in an uphill battle with her findings. Read this article for for information on her conclusions on what she believes is the cause of gluten intolerance.

“Stephanie Seneff is a senior research scientist at MIT. Based in the university’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Seneff’s focus is, according to her web page, “the intersection of biology and computation.” She is also, according to many in the science community, a “quack,” meaning a poseur at the business of science, and a practitioner of pseudoscience.

Since she began publishing papers on biology, in journals considered fringe by the mainstream scientific establishment, Seneff has posited explanations for a host of disorders, and drawn heated objections from experts in most every field she’s delved into. She is, in short, a controversial figure in the scientific community, which is an unusual position to occupy for someone with three degrees from MIT.

In recent months, Seneff co-authored two papers proposing a connection between the herbicide glyphosate and gluten sensitivity. I spoke with Seneff by phone about this hypothesis, her transition from computer science into biology, and her reputation in the scientific community.

Ari LeVaux: How is it that, in your opinion, glyphosate causes gluten sensitivity?

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Recent studies have shown a link between three common phtalates and an increased amount of time to become pregnant. Exposure to certain phthalates can influence conception in couples who are healthy.

“Women whose male partners have high levels of hormone-mimicking chemicals known as phthalates take longer to become pregnant, according to new research.

Phthalates are used in food packaging, plastics and personal products such as fragrances and shampoos. Similar to bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates are thought to interfere with hormone systems, but whether current levels of people’s exposure to these chemicals are dangerous to their health is debated.


In a new study, the researchers measured urine concentrations of BPA and 14 different phthalates in about 500 couples who were trying to get pregnant. The couples also kept journals about the timing of their intercourse, menstrual cycles and pregnancy tests.

Neither the men’s nor the women’s levels of BPA seemed to affect how long it took to get pregnant. However, it took couples 20 percent longer to get pregnant if the man had high levels of three common phthalates, according to the study. [12 Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals & Their Health Effects]

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The article, A Tale of Two Exams, by Judie Harvey, explores another option to your usual mammogram. The relatively recent discovery of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have elicited fear in many. Some of whom have tested positive for one of the mutated genes have opted for bilateral mastectomy, where other less drastic options are available. With a mutated gene increase in radiation, that comes with more frequent mammograms, can be dangerous. Thermography provides a healthy alternative. Read this article to learn about Judie Harvey’s experience and her comparison between two exams- mammograms and thermograms.

A Tale of Two Exams
Is mammography or thermography better for you?

judie harvey

Perhaps the best part of having the thermogram was getting the results. They told the tale of my unique body!
I have long been a fan of the functional test known as thermography. Though this modality of measuring heat from bodily organs can be used in a wide variety of situations, it’s especially useful for assessing the health of breast tissue. For political and economic reasons, the mammogram has become the gold standard for breast screening. In my view, thermography adds an entirely new dimension by actually allowing a woman and her healthcare provider to determine the state of her breast health immediately. And then take steps to improve it long before a more serious condition develops. This is true prevention.The following article by Judie Harvey, my Web site editor, talks about her experience with breast screening. I think you’ll find it eye opening and very, very useful. – C.N.
A Tale of Two Exams
Is mammography or thermography better for you?
I recently had the most civilized medical test to scan the health of my breasts called a thermogram. Perhaps the best part of having the thermogram was getting the results. They told the tale of my unique body! Can you imagine that?The test results were clear and conclusive. I wasn’t a statistic or a woman falling into a category who now required another procedure or treatment because that’s the way “we” handle women with your condition. Can you imagine that?If you can’t, or if you’re curious to know more, I hope my tale of two breast exams—the mammogram and the thermogram—will educate and entertain.

The Mammogram

“Miss Harvey, there’s an abnormal image on your mammogram. Read More→

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